Think of Channel H as Google for your healthcare data. Channel H will connect - verify - sync - and index your healthcare information in realtime. Just like you expect to get the most updated response to your google question, Channel H will do that with your healthcare information. 

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link to your insurance payer in realtime, automatically    track all transactions and claims with Channel H 

(HIPAA) Privacy Rule gives you the right to receive a copy of your medical records that are held by provider.

Mobility is changing the face of your healthcare. Connect immediately with your realtime healthcare data. 

your personal healthcare information,

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   Accurate. Realtime Healthcare Data


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Channel H

 medical records 
visit details / notes  

Details and notes provide you with relevant-actionable information and instructions discussed during visit with your provider.

Clinical summary is a summary of your medications, visits, diagnosis, allergies, problems, and procedures.

Historical, present, or potential issue adversely affecting any aspect of your well-being, cause or reason for visit.

The written order by your physician or other health professional for your medication, diagnostic, or equipment.

The medical classification used to identify the specific diagnostic intervention, and the medical or surgical acts performed on you.

PDF, Images, text results for orders; diagnostic tests, labs, radiology imaging, and others.

View current and past appointment  details; physician, reason, duration, instructions, diagnosis, date, time, status, and more.

View prescription details; prescriber, product, strength, type, dosage, route, quantity, and more.


historical claims  

current claims   

Check your coverage for a specific type of medical service or diagnostic, directly from your payer in realtime.

Check your out-of-pocket cost estimate for a diagnostic, lab, medical service, or surgery treatment.

View details of spend, in and out of network, year to date deductible, family and individual tracking.

View details of current insurance benefit package, such as; plan details, group information, co-pay details, etc.

View details of past medical claims from your current and past payers. Review details of bills and payments.

View status and details of any medical insurance claim filed against your ID - billed amount, service, provider, etc.

link to all your medical records in realtime,
across all your providers at any location with Channel H

single view

Connect medical data from multiple providers, locations, insurances, etc. Keep everything up to date automatically.

connect anywhere

View your updated personal healthcare information and insurance data on any device with just an internet connection.

access control

Source all your medical, insurance, and personal healthcare information, and who has access to it in realtime.


Healthcare is personal, your information tells your journey, determines your outcome,  Go Live with Channel H today.

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